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Daily Schedule




           Daily Schedule:


 8:25-8:55- WIN 1st Period

 8:58- 9:38-5th PE 2nd period

 9:41-10:21 – 5th PE- 3rd period

 10:24-11:04- 6th PE- 4th period

 11:07- -11:47- 6th PE- 5th period

 11:47-12:32-  Lunch/ Recess 6th grade

 12:35-1:15- Plan 7th period

 1:18- 1:58– 6th ELL – 8th period

 2:01- 2:41- Plan 9th period

 2:44-3:24- 5th ELL 10th period

 Bus Duty - 3:24 Daily


 Grading system:

   90% will be based on participation, safety, effort, following rules, and sportsmanship

    10 % will be based on preparation ( wearing right clothes and shoes) NO Crocs!!

      **************Absolutely NO GUM in PE! Points will be deducted!!!***********************







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