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6th grade Honor's Math

This is the complete list of assignments to be completed during the 5 weeks.

**After watching each lesson’s video, you will login to ALEKS and do the practice problems for that particular lesson.

***Spend an additional 30 minutes each week working in ALEKS in any area you choose.

Lesson 1 Chapter 8 Area of Trapezoids

Lesson 2  (8.1)Circumference of Circles

Lesson 3 (8.2) Area of Circles

Lesson 4 Volume of Cylinders

Lesson 5 (9.1) intro to Probability

Lesson 6 Probability of Simple Events

Lesson 7 Experimental and Theoretical Probability

Lesson 8 (8.4 part A) Volume of Rectangular Prisms

Lesson 9 (8.4 part B) Volume of Triangular Prisms

Lesson 10 Surface Area and Volume of Rectangular Prisms