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Linda Sprunger

5th Grade Teacher

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About Me

Educational History:

I graduated from Winchester Community High School in Winchester, Indiana, in 1977.

I graduated from Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana, in 1981.  I took further graduate classes there from 1996-1999. 

Then I completed my education courses at Taylor University in Upland, Indiana in 2006.

Degrees and Certifications:

I received a B.S. in Choral/General Music from Ball State.  Later I completed graduate work there in Special Education.  My last coursework was when I completed a “Transition to Teaching” course at Taylor which certified me to teach elementary.

Professional Development:

I have completed all requirements for continuing education over the years following the many subjects I have taught.

Current Position:

This is my first year teaching at Weatherford Public Schools.  I will be teaching 5th Grade Social Studies and English Language Arts which includes reading, writing, spelling, and handwriting.

Previous Position:

I started teaching in 1984.  This will be my 28th year of teaching.  My teaching career has spanned the following subjects:  choral/general music, special education, 4th grade, 6th grade, 9th grade English, Spanish, Title I, High Achievement/Gifted and Talented, and Educational Therapy (working with students who have learning disablities 1 on 1).

In addition I have lived in England, France, Burkina Faso, West Africa, and Venezuela which has enhanced my life and my teaching!

Family Information:

My husband’s name is Bob Sprunger.  His job as pastor for the Bethel Mennonite Church in Hydro is what brought us to Oklahoma, for which we are both very thankful!  We do not have any children, but we have a dog.  His name is JB.  No one told us what it stood for, so we have made up the following:  Junior Bob, Jelly Bean, and Jumbo Buddy (our neighbor’s poodle is named Buddy), and Jail Bird (He was trained as a serivice dog in a prison.).

Personal Information:

I love to play the piano and sing.  Humming and/or whistling are habits of mine.  I do love to read and have joined a book club recently.  My husband and I watch lots of old westerns for entertainment.  We also like to go to movies.  The Minion movies are some of my favorites!  We like to have people over to our house to play card games.

Linda Sprunger

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772-2245 ext. 3206
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