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4th Grade - 5th Grade Distance Learning

We believe elementary students learn best when they have the opportunity to experience hands-on activities and on-line learning. Our teachers are developing lessons that align with state learning standards in each grade level. Lesson plans and activity instructions will be updated weekly on our website ( Copies of the materials will be passed out to parents when they pick up their students supplies on Thursday, April 2nd. Assignments and activities should not be returned to the school; instead, please send back feedback or pictures to your teachers through Class Dojo, Remind, or email. Students will continue to receive grades based on participation. Our goal is to continue the learning process and to keep students engaged during these last few weeks of school. Students should spend no more than 45 minutes- 1 hour each day on lessons/activities. Most lessons will be self explanatory, so your students will be able to navigate it by themselves. Teachers will be touching base with families on a regular basis to check on their progress. Please feel free to reach out to teachers if you are needing help or advice.

Please click on a link below for more information.

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General Information

Don't Worry!

We miss you and we can’t wait to see you again! Until then, we want you to keep learning and having fun! Click on the teacher’s name below to access websites in each subject.

Keep in touch! We would love for you to e-mail us and tell us (or show us) what you’ve learned!

Art: Joy Camden

ELL: Roxie Lewis

Keyboarding: Sandi Barr

Library: Deborah Smith

Music: Jamie Shaw 

P.E.: Jamie Sutton

Title Math: Traci Brownen

Title Reading: Judy Zehr

Specialist Video of the Week

NEW! Click the tabs below for an invaluable COVID-19 workbook for your children:



Click HERE for COVID-19 resources, incuding how to talk with your child about COVID-19.



A message from your Counselors:

https://www.youtube​ (Shoe-tying tucking laces into top hole)​ (Shoe-tying one-handed method)​ (Shoe-tying one handed method)​ (alt method shoe tying LBB junior)​ ( shoe tying basic knot twice put ends through middle cirlcle, pull tight) mechanisms for students)​ (fine motor skills activites to do at home)​ (fine motor skills to do at home)​ (3 year old- fine motor activites)​ (After completing this video ask your child to move coins from one hand, transfer to the other hand, and place into container. Practice slowly first then see how many coins your child can make into container in 15 seconds!)